July 23, 2018



Jake Riegal and John Bertang, students in Counseling Techniques, recorded a parody video on what counselors should NOT do in a session. 

Warning!  DO NOT watch this video while consuming beverages!   

Click here for video

Please join me in congratulating  Scott Calderwood for being selected the North Precinct’s Officer of the month for May 2018.

In May, a lady walked into the North Precinct asking for records for a known serial killer. It became apparent that the lady was confused and somewhat delusional.  Knowing that Scott is pursuing his degree in mental health and is considered an expert by his peers he was asked to speak with the lady.  Scott quickly realized that this was a mental health issue and asked the lady if she would allow him to escort her to Waccamaw Mental Health.  Scott stayed there with her, and she was eventually admitted to the Lighthouse.  He even took the time to escort her there.